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Recommended 36 Yuri GL Manga


I have recently surpassed 2,700 e-book comics.

As such a manga lover, I would like to introduce some yuri/GL manga that I would like to recommend!

There are so many different types of yuri/GL manga, from casual to downer.

Some of them are so deep that a single wrong move could turn them into demo works, but the fact that many of the authors are skilled enough to make them work may be a characteristic of this genre.
I frankly feel that there are not too many disappointments!

Also, perhaps it is a characteristic of the yuri and GL genres, but many of them depict moments of emotional connection and the fulfillment of the desire to be understood, which I believe is the reason why many of them are so appealing.

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Yatte ni Kimi ni naru (Student Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥564 (2023/04/12 08:38:47時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: students, questioning, LGBTQ
Previously published: 8 volumes complete

I feel that this is the theme of this work: "To love someone and to accept yourself as such.
It is a very delicate work.

What does it mean to be in love?" The main character, Yuu, was wondering "What does it mean to be in love...?
She joins the student council, where she meets Nanami, a senior who is just like her...
Yuu feels a sense of closeness knowing that there is someone else who feels the same way as he does, but for some reason, Nanami-senpai begins to like him.

The work features a wide variety of characters, including homosexuality, queerness, and people who do not want to be involved in a relationship themselves, but I felt that the content had much to offer people struggling with sexuality that they could relate to.

The confusion, joy, conflict, etc. of not only Yuu and Nanami, but also other characters are very delicately portrayed, and it is very interesting to read about their feelings.
No wonder it is so popular.

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Animated. (as of 07.04.2019)
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Futari Biya (Student Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥624 (2023/04/12 08:38:48時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: loose, everyday life, 4 panels
Previously published: 9 vols.

This is a four-frame manga depicting the daily life of Kasumi and Sakurako, who share a room in a high school boarding house.
Since volume 5, they are college students and share a room.

Sakurako and Kasumi are more like yuri, or perhaps "quite good friends.
The life of Kasumi, a lazy, unfortunate beauty, and Sakurako, a solid person, is really heartwarming to watch.

In addition to Sakurako and her friends, there are also couples between the girls, and it is fun to read about the many attractive girls other than the main characters!

Volume 6 is getting more and more yuri!

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The yuri novel illustrated by the author, Yukiko-sensei, was also good and will be introduced next.

Uncanny Teren Yuri Novel Works

All of the yuri novels by "Mikamiren" are highly acclaimed!

The title alone is bad.

created by Rinker.
¥900 (2023/04/12 08:38:53時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Vampire Girl✕ Junior Girl (Student Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥564 (2023/04/12 08:38:54時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: heavy, lovemaking
Previously published: 4 volumes complete

The setting is cheating!
But even though I knew, I cried.

The content is accurately expressed in a monologue early in the work.
She is the most beautiful and arrogant vampire. But she mourns everything, gets only one thing in exchange, and then mourns everything again.

The title is very light, but the content of the story is quite the opposite: it is a heavy story.
Thanks to the author for creating a work in which lovemaking is precious, sad, and euphoric.
Incidentally, the author is an avowed lesbian.

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Eve and Eve (Omnibus)

Keywords: omnibus (6 stories), bright, a little immoral
Previously published: 1 volume complete

The stories are full of originality, very challenging and interesting. I love it.
I think pages 139 and 140 are particularly astonishing....
In a sense, it may be the ultimate relationship.

I think it is a little too descriptive of a physical relationship, so I would just caution against that.
The content is really interesting and the pictures are beautiful, so if you are attracted by the setting and pictures, I think you should buy it!

By the way, here are the main characters of each work.
1. two girls living after the collapse of the world
2. cartoonists and robots
3. two of the five high school girls
4. two Alaskans with partners
5. a woman whose friend has inherited the curse.
6. two people wishing for eternity

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Strawberry Fields Again (Student Lilies)

Keywords: bright, unrequited love, a little sci-fi mystery?
Previously published: 3 volumes complete

Akira is a high school girl who thinks that romance is limited to two dimensions. Then a high school girl named Pure from the future appears and takes a one-sided liking to Akira.

In the midst of their yuri yuri school life, Akira's side has a complicated family situation, while Pure's memory is not so clear.
Although it is a yuri, from the second volume it also has a sci-fi mystery element, which makes me too anxious to see where it goes!

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Kimi ni suki to watashi wo narimasen (Omnibus)

created by Rinker.
¥673 (2023/04/12 08:38:56時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: omnibus (7 stories), bright
Previously published: 1 volume complete

All of the stories were yuri yuri, but my particular favorite is the story that is also in the title!
I think it is the cutest when the aggressor is embarrassed by being attacked!

Here are the main characters of each piece. (1 and 2 are especially great!)

1,2. High school girl couple
3. working people and humanized cats
4. maid and young lady
5. working and staying
6. girl and snowman
7. high school student stalking couple

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Keywords: realistic daily life
Previously published: 2 vols.

Manga about the high school lives of four students, Koharu, Mafuyu, Nanaya, and Minori.

There are many stories that give a real sense of life, such as the story of the four of them talking together, Nanaya and Minori living together in a shared room on their days off, Koharu and Mafuyu going home together, and so on!

Personally, I would like to see Nanaya and Jitsuri get closer to each other.
We can expect to see what kind of development awaits us in the future!

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Yuri Drill (Omnibus)

Keywords: draw a cartoon on a subject in one page
Previously published: 1 volume complete

The book is about nine yuri situations, with the manga artists filling a single page with their own pictures.

Many people, such as Ms. Yukiko Yukiko and Ms. Yui Hara, are participating, so I am sure you will find your favorite work!

I love the work of the sister yuri artist majoccoid. The sister's determination at the funeral and the emotions of the younger sister who saw it are so precious to me.

9 subjects are situations like this
Student Lilies
Cohabitation Yuri
Sister Lilies
Yuri, the difference in age
Working people lily
Fantasy Lilies
Yuri, childhood friends
Senior x Junior Yuri
The most exciting yuri

I'm full of reading this book, but I hope this becomes a series! It's so satisfying!

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created by Rinker.
¥644 (2023/04/12 08:38:58時点 Amazon調べ-Details)
created by Rinker.
¥644 (2023/04/12 08:38:59時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Girls x Sex Life (Student Yuri)

Keywords: kinky girls, skinship
Previously published: 2 volumes complete

The main character, Sori Setsuhara, is a high school girl who loves her classmate Yochin.
As you can probably tell from the name, I touch Yochin's various parts.
I also peek into the bathroom. They also bury their faces in their crotches.
Amidst all this silly talk, the scenes where they sometimes care for each other and Yochin becomes handsome are precious!

At the end, Yotsuya was not too happy about it.
I look forward to seeing what happens between the two of them in the future!

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Killing Me! (Hostile Lilies)

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/12 08:39:00時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: vampires and vampire hunters, killing each other
Previously published: Volume 1

Saki, a hunter, is always defeated by Miyako, a vampire, even though she is really trying to kill him.
One such scene between the two.

Saki: "Don't say... lightly... that you like me..."
Miyako "Hey...I don't really think of you as bait...Saki..."

Will there be a second volume?

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Takamina is a liar. (Working adult✕ Student yuri)

Keywords: love between two opposites that begins with a lie
Previously published: 1 volume complete

This is a story about a high school girl, Meguru, who has no luck with men, and a seemingly innocent office worker, Yukiho.

After Meguru protects Yukiho from being molested, the two begin a relationship in which they go shopping together.
To the seemingly popular Yukiho, Tsuru asks her to be his love teacher....

The straightforward words of Meguru were good as they seemed to purify Yukifo's heart, which had been ruined by the envy of those around her, etc. The flow from the realization of their true feelings to the end was really great.

Glad I came across this piece!

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I Can't Blink (Omnibus)

created by Rinker.
¥673 (2023/04/12 08:39:01時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Contents: 6-episode omnibus
Previously published: 1 volume complete

Even though there are no strong expressions, each story depicts a moment when hearts are properly connected, and the reading experience is pleasant!
It is hard to believe that this is his debut work.

You also understand the psychology of the reader very well in the later story on the back cover!

1. Kokoro Login: A story about an NPC girl who is supposed to have no heart and the player.
2. "Dreamy Destroy": A story about a girl who activates her monstrous power when she gets nervous and her senpai who acts as a love guide.
3. I will be rejected by you today. : Challenge is limited to three times. A story about avoiding the future of being rejected.
4. [Gal]'s home and [sober girl] in class: A story of a sober girl who wants to be a gal and a gal in her class.
5. Lonely Heart Online: a story of beginners and party play, hiding the role of the Netto Rasbos.
6. Tsunoritsunoru: A story of two girls who cannot honestly express their opinions.

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In transparent light blue (Student Lily)

created by Rinker.
¥673 (2023/04/12 08:39:02時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Contents: 2-episode omnibus
Previously published: 1 volume complete

Both stories are about high school students.

[Transparent light blue]
The story of three childhood friends, Ichika, Ritsu, and Shun, who are interwoven in a triangular relationship.

Ritsu is unable to tell Ichika, who is dating Shun, about his feelings for her.
Ritsu does a 00 while Ichika is sleeping and is seen by Sun.
Ichika's subsequent reaction and the thoughts and words of Shun and Ritsu were all honest, and I felt that the end was refreshing, evoking a clear, pale aqua color, as the title suggests.

Akane likes Erina, a senior at her part-time job. One day, she smells Erina's apron, and Nakajo, a junior boy at her part-time job, sees her sniffing it.
Ritsu takes Nakajo to a karaoke bar in a fit of rage, but he does all sorts of terrible things to her, who resembles Erina.

There were a few droll moments along the way, but at the end, there was something wonderful. Too cute!

I also liked the pictures in the afterword.

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Living Together - You Mean You Love Me, Don't You (Shakaijin Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥911 (2023/04/12 08:39:03時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: working people living together daily lovemaking
Previously published: 2 vols.

The whole book is about two people, so you can get to know their personalities and get emotionally involved with them!

Yuu is an office worker and Miyu works mainly from home, and I think it is good that they are both independent.
The best part is that you have your own will, but at the same time accept the other person!

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Hanani Arashi (Student Yuri)

Keywords: high school students, lovemaking
Previously published: 5 vols.

It is a manga that gives you a lot of happiness when you read it, since they are compatible with each other from the beginning!

There are almost no negative stories, so if you want to read that kind of thing, it's probably great!

The story is mainly about small flirtations in the course of school life.
They might be sharing an umbrella, or stubbing their toes under the desk.
Anyway, they are two first-timers!

It is a manga that makes you feel warm and fuzzy!

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You're the only light (Yuri for Working People✕ Student Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥825 (2023/04/12 08:39:04時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Contents: 2-episode omnibus
Previously published: 1 volume complete

I love works like this that have a time lapse and feel life.

Both stories depict yuri as a part of life, and neither of them is a heart-wrenching story, not in a squeamish way.

[No good working girls' love].
One of the working yuri couples continues to have a relationship with the man after he marries her.

From the beginning to the end, probably about 22 years pass, and the relationship changes during that time are carefully depicted.

At the end of the day, I like to close on a bright note.

This is a story of two people who love to draw, from high school to their first years. This is a one-sided love story.

Once the friendship ends in high school, but it takes a serious turn when they get in touch with each other after they enter the workforce. However, there is a relief in the way the relationship ends.

The main character, Hatta's thought, "No matter how far away we are, you are still the light that shines on me all the time," is really heartwarming. It is truly amazing that the content, which is so dense that you can feel it sinking in, is depicted in such a small number of pages.

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Tropical Fish Scorched by Snow (Student Yuri)

Keywords: high school senior and junior, longing
Previously published: 5 vols.

A manga about seniors and juniors set in a high school aquarium club.

Konatsu (Konatsu) has moved from Tokyo, and Koyuki is the lone member of the aquarium club.
It is heartwarming to read how the loneliness of each of them is gradually healed through their interactions with each other!

The energetic Kaede, who is always involved in some way with the more mature duo, adds a very nice touch.
She is so good that a lot of readers are going to fall in love with Kaede.
The fact that there are so many attractive children around as well as the main characters is evidence that the manga is interesting.

The blue on the cover is very striking.

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Try to beg (Omnibus)

created by Rinker.
¥624 (2023/04/12 08:39:05時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Contents: Omnibus of 7 episodes
Previously published: 1 volume complete

This is a collection of short stories by Ms. Yukiko, the original author of "Futari Beya.

Like Futaribeya, the content is light, so it is very easy to read.
The content is really light, so it is for those who like Ms. Yukiko's cute girls and drawings.
I like it!

  1. Try begging: neighbor to neighbor. I'm a little unsure...
  2. Magical Girl is the No. 1 occupation I want to be in the future. Two friends who want to become magical girls. A common friendship story.
  3. No. 105: Scientists and humanoids.
  4. Vermicelli Salad with Bamboo Shoots and Scallops with Yuzu Kosho: Working People and Students.
  5. There is no one anywhere who wants to cry: college students together.
  6. Honey days: Gemini high school students.
  7. Futaribeya: Two high school students. Loose living together.

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Love Letters to Marching Puppies (Student Lilies)

created by Rinker.
¥673 (2023/04/12 08:39:06時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: military school, senior and junior
Previously published: 3 vols.

This is a story about Shinobu Inudo, a new student at an army girls' school, and Kagami, a third-year student who is very strict about something.
The purity of the shinobi is dazzling, such as trying to think of bad rumors in a good light!

In the first volume, Kagami's feelings are hardly depicted, so neither Shinobu nor the reader knows what he is thinking...
I hope to find out more about this area in the next volume and beyond!

I can't help but wonder why he did that at the end, and I can't wait to see the rest of the story!

Jul 13, 2019 Updated.
Volume 3, Shinobu was so cute I thought I was going to die.

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You are a girl (Working adult✕ Student yuri)

You Are a Girl (Yurihime Comics)
created by Rinker.

The cover picture was caught by Google's regulations, so I changed it to just the title.

Keywords: girl and adult
Previously published: 1 volume complete

The story begins when an adult woman and a high school student meet in the countryside.
It is more than a fine piece of work that carefully depicts the connection between the hearts and minds.

It is divided into a student section and an adult section, with the student section being the larger volume.
Throughout the entire film, there is an emphasis on the girl as a spirituality, which is why the last half of the film, when she becomes an adult, is so compelling.

I love comics that have this kind of time lapse and growth expressed!

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Yuri Hyakkei (Student Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥911 (2023/04/12 08:39:07時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: high school girls, multiple couples, short story collection
Previously published: 2 vols.

A collection of short stories depicting flirtatious love between high school girls.
I can't stop grinning!

However, there is one drawback to this cartoon.
The short stories of several fixed couples appear in no particular order, making it difficult to remember the couples.

The content is "Great!!!!" is one word.

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Pure Water Adolescence (Student✕ Working Yuri)

Keywords: health teacher and student
Previously published: 1 volume complete (there is a sequel)

This is a story about Matsumoto, a health teacher pretending to be an adult, and Nanao, an innocent student who goes straight to the heart of the matter.
Nanao's single-mindedness is honestly amazing to read.

Nanao's young power to destroy adult excuses may sting some readers.
It stung me a little.

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Pure Water Luminescence (Working Lilies/Students✕Working Lilies)

Keywords: BL manga artist and former fan, health teacher and student
Previously published: 1 volume complete

It is a sequel to Pure Water Adolescence and consists of two parts.

Part 1, "To Paradise and Beyond..." is a comedy yuri manga between a BL manga artist and a former fan.
To be honest, I don't know much about BL stories, but I think it would be interesting for those who are familiar with the BL community, as there are stories that seem to be very strong in the BL community.

Part 2, "Pure Water Adolescence," is a follow-up to the previous volume, "Pure Water Adolescence.
Compared to the previous volume, Nanao's softened appearance is impressive. I like this Nanao more.

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Eclair Special Likes Girls Kitao Taki Yuri Works Masterpieces (Omnibus)

Contents: 9-episode omnibus (mostly yuri for working people)
Previously published: 1 volume complete

This is a collection of short stories with a sweet atmosphere throughout.

Each story is from a few to a dozen pages, so I feel the volume is lacking, but there are a lot of shy women, which I personally found very satisfying!

It is easy to read, in a good way, as both the picture and the content are light-hearted!

1. I like girls (in the morning): working yuri
2. I want to seduce you. : Yuri for working people
3. Perfect Kanojo: Yuri for working people(?)
4. Drink but don't be drunk! : Yuri, a member of society
5. Nitamonomichi Maiyomichi: Shakaijin Yuri(?)
6. Triangle: College student lilies
7. Women are! Yuri: Yuri for working people
8. Kaya and Sempai: student yuri
9. I like girls (at night): working yuri

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I have a younger sister. (Omnibus)

created by Rinker.
¥495 (2023/04/12 08:39:09時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Contents: 8-episode omnibus
Previously published: 1 volume complete

All the stories were of high quality, with very sensitive depictions of emotional connections, conflicts, jealousy, etc.

I think this is a good collection of works with a somewhat fragile picture design and a very delicate story that match each other very well.
It is about 200 pages, so I like the fact that each story is well drawn!

1. I have a younger sister. Student Lily
2. Graduation Day: Student Lilies
3. so we are: student lilies
4. I love her : College student yuri
5. About that girl I love〈Part 2〉: College student yuri
6. Live tirelessly: Working people's lilies
7. My beloved Mr. Kono: working yuri
8. I have a sister. Student Lily

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Model-chan and sober Mane-san (Yuri with a little age difference)

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/12 08:39:10時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: 19 and 26 years old, coup.
Previously published: Volume 1

The main characters are Yulia, a 19-year-old model, and Ayumi, a 26-year-old manager.

The content is quite light, and you may even get the impression that you are having skin-to-skin contact with a young child. Maybe you wouldn't even call it yuri. That's how light it is.

The difference between the mature Yuria at work and the childish Yuria who is spoiled by Ayumi is very intense, and that is the highlight of this work!

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I want to fall in love with you until you die (Gakuen Senso Mono ✕ Yuri)

Keywords: girl, war, restoration magic
Previously published: 2 vols.

It takes place in a school that turns children into magical weapons.

Despite the delicate design, some of the damage depictions are quite extreme for a yuri manga, and one can't help but foresee future tragedies.

I think we can expect a lot of yuri development even though it is called a school war story, because restoration magic is kissing!
This area is a battle yuri manga. The Labyrinth of the Deceiver of the Unexplored This work is reminiscent of the first two, but this work is easier to read, partly because of the brightness of the characters.

I have a feeling that as the story progresses, it will become more interesting as a tragic yuri!

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Mama Mother's Notebook (Yuri Essay)

created by Rinker.
¥411 (2023/04/12 08:39:11時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: single mother, age difference, essay
Previously published: 2 vols.

A lesbian couple's essay comic, "Can We Have Two Moms!" is a prequel to the work.

It depicts a single mother the author met when she was young, and the two began with a relationship that could hardly be described as love or friendship, but rather as something very strange.
The way they depict the mothers' difficult days without hiding them, and how they think about what they should do in their own way without forcing themselves to confront them, is something that not only single mothers but also mothers who are struggling with child rearing can relate to.

After reading this work, if you read "Is It Okay to Have Two Mothers? and other essays by Ms. Nakamura, the stories will be connected and you will enjoy them even more.
It is a work that shows how handsome the teacher is, so please be prepared to fall in love with him before you start reading!

It is also recommended for those who want to know how to seduce women!

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created by Rinker.
¥873 (2023/04/12 08:39:12時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Lesbian and the Seven Girlfriends (Yuri Essay)

Keywords: cheating, sharing life's pain, essay
Previously published: 3 vols.

As before, this is an essay comic drawn by Nakamura Sensei.
It even depicts things that normally would not be said.
If anything, the situation is more improbable than the "Mom-Mom Handbook".

The author, who wants to date the most wonderful woman in the world, has met seven of the most wonderful women in the world, how will she decide to live there...
The content is full of reality but somewhat unrealistic, or rather, I wonder if such a thing is allowed to happen in real life....

I feel that Dr. Nakamura is included in the cheating crowd, but what is amazing is his deep affection for everyone.
Readers are also drawn to the way the nice lady quickly reaches out to them when they are suffering, and they are drawn to her on their own.

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I'm...Yuri? (Yuri + TS)

created by Rinker.
¥99 (2023/04/12 01:47:58時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: sex change, curse, high school girl
Previously published: 8 vols.

This story begins when the main character is originally a man, but is cursed to become a girl.

It is said that the curse can be lifted by "making love with a girl," but I am in a situation where I am also a girl.
It is a dreamlike (?) student life with some happenings and a little bit stimulating situations. The story depicts a dreamy (?) student life.

It has a little more fantasy elements than the other works, but that's okay, because it's interesting!
The fact that the life can be tricky, as they sometimes revert to ex-boys, makes the story more harrowing! However, please note that this work may not be suitable for those who prefer pure yuri between girls.

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High School Girls and Convenience Stores (Student Yuri)

Keywords: high school girls, good-looking and plain, misunderstanding
Previously published: 5 vols.

It depicts a slow yuri story of a handsome looking girl and a plain looking girl.
The main character is just so handsome.
Hence, their story begins with a misunderstanding for the sober girl.
I'm telling you how hard it is to confide in them....

It also depicts the anguish unique to yuri, so I hope you will enjoy reading it.
However, it is very far from a story of two feminine people falling in love, so if you start reading it expecting that, you may find yourself saying "something different...".

For those who are just getting into the yuri genre, I think this work is easy to get into and recommend because the characterization and story progression are not too stimulating.

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A story about meeting a younger sister on a dating site (Sisters Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/12 08:39:14時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: sisters, dating site, fate
Previously published: A story about meeting my sister on a dating site, vol. 1
A story about meeting my sister on a dating site - day 333 - volume 1

In this work, sisters who have stopped seeing each other since they started living alone meet each other through a dating website.

They are sisters, a forbidden relationship, but once they meet and confirm their feelings, there is no going back...
It is a story that is both complex and happy.
The work seems to be more story oriented than illustration oriented.

The relationship is inherently fraught with danger and would be painful to read about, but this piece is more of a tantalizing and happy emotional experience.
Although there are free apps available, we recommend buying the comic book, as it contains other stories and allows you to enjoy a variety of works in one volume.

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My roommate is unstable.

created by Rinker.
¥564 (2023/04/12 08:39:15時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: cohabitation, opposites, daily life
Previously published: 3 vols.

This is a daily life manga by the opposite duo of Ms. Insecure, an emotionally unstable girl who lives by drawing pictures, and Mr. Firm, who works at a company and engages in coterie activities.

There is little trouble and no crisis in their lives.
If there is, is it only for doujinshi or work deadlines? It is a very peaceful life.

I envy their life that starts with "good morning" and ends with "good night" and wish I could live like them! The style of the work is so realistic that it makes you think, "I wish I could live a life like these two people!

Since there is no trouble, there is no sense of harassment, so I would most recommend this work to those who like daily life.
A couple of opposites can be difficult, but more than that, they make a wonderful harmony.

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Can I go out with you? (College student yuri)

Keywords: female college students, opposite, college circle
Previously published: 2 vols.

Miwa, a beautiful girl who has never been in love with anyone else, and Saeko, a lively and energetic girl, are the polar opposites of the two couples!

Although their relationship has grown close rapidly, it is frustrating to read about how Miwa, who has little experience, and Saeko, who has had bitter experiences in the past, find it difficult to gauge the distance between them.

Surrounded by understanding friends, the two are searching for their own kind of love, and you will definitely want to cheer them on.
It is not a heavy love affair, but neither is it a light hearted one.
There are many different ways to love today, and this love story is one of them.
This is a yuri manga that has been on my mind recently.

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Give That Girl a Kiss and a White Lily (Student Yuri)

created by Rinker.
¥536 (2023/04/12 08:39:17時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: school life, pure, omnibus
Previously published: 10 vols.

It is an omnibus yuri manga.
In addition to the main yuri couple, the stories of various yuri couples that take place within the same school are woven together.

As the title says "kiss," kisses appear many times in the work.

Girls just entering high school need not only to study but also to fall in love.
The mysterious feelings, which include jealousy, confusion, and innocence, are warm to watch.

And if you like the manga, you can also enjoy the drama CDs, which are also available in four volumes, by ear, so please check them out as well!
Classmates, seniors, juniors, club members, and teachers from all walks of life will be involved in their own romances, so you are sure to find one favorite couple somewhere.

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Die in the future (student yuri)

Keywords: school life, straightforward, gag-type
Previously published: 6 vols.

The title is shocking, but the content is also very shocking!
However, it is shocking in a good way, with a strong gag element to the content.

Shun, the protagonist, who expresses his love in a straightforward manner and offers anything, even money, to Komaki, who is in the same class with him, makes an all-out appeal for the bottom line.
Komaki, on the other hand, coldly dismisses Shun's appeals, which come at him in every possible way, including piling up money.
This duo is too funny!

Komaki is having a good time while being cold and dismissive, and Shun is smiling while being rejected, which makes it fun to watch.
It is a work in a different vein from the works we have introduced so far, and the gag elements are fully enjoyable.

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There are still some interesting yuri manga out there.
I'll introduce them again!

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