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17 Dark Fantasy Manga Recommendations


I have recently surpassed 2,700 Kindle comic books.

The dark fantasy genre, which we will be discussing in this issue, has produced many works that fascinate people, including those with beautiful illustrations and stories that are so well crafted that they never cease to move them.

He has passionate feelings and fights for his beliefs.
I fight for what I want to protect, and I fight for life and death.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't regret what happened that day, but I have to walk toward tomorrow.
All of these situations are sad, but the protagonists' efforts to overcome their predicament can be so moving that tears are sometimes shed.

In recent years, many of these works have been animated, and dark fantasy has grown into a kind of strong genre.

So in this issue, we would like to introduce some dark fantasy works that we particularly recommend.


Laguna Crimson

created by Rinker.
¥750 (2023/04/12 11:55:42時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: past alteration, cruelty, madness, caustic
Previously published: 9 vols.

This is the story of Laguna, a young man who is obsessed with destroying dragons in order to protect Leo and the world.
It might be better to call it a grudge rather than an obsession.
The Laguna of the future will pour all of its power into the Laguna of the present in order to change the past.
Therefore, Laguna is currently in a warriors' state.
The boss dragon says, "What?" and is killed instantly.

The charm of this manga is the speed with which it is put out, and the battle scenes that are so heavy that it is hard to breathe.
This is exactly the kind of manga that will overwhelm you.

The enemy is a crazy one.
It is highly brutal, with dozens of women floating in the air and chopped up, etc.
If you don't like that kind of thing, beware.

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The Black Devil King

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/12 11:55:43時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: summoning to another world, black magic, harsh development
Previously published: 6 volumes complete (censored...)

This is a manga with a dark development from the beginning, in which the main character is summoned to a different world and the first thing he is subjected to is human experimentation.

I thought that the story would continue to unfold in a harsh way, but I was a little disappointed to find that there were also some mild descriptions, such as living with a small fairy and killing monsters with a party of adventurers from the village....
I was not aware of that.

The darker side of the story was so dark that I would be a little hesitant to recommend this manga to those who are emotionally sensitive....

I would like to see the protagonist's revenge play out until the end.

It was censored after 6 volumes. I am really sorry.

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created by Rinker.
¥693 (2023/04/12 11:55:44時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: battle, broken man, different ability
Previously published: 7 vols.

To be honest, I would pull away at first.
But once you get into that depths, you'll never get out again.

The protagonist, Snakegasaki, is a police officer who considers his mundane, uneventful days to be boring.
However, one day, a ferocious "necromancer" appears in town, and Jagasaki becomes a jaguar and defeats the necromancer.
He feels pleasure in defeating the monster, and decides to take down the monster.

I am surprised and disgusted by the fact that he is a police officer and yet he has the pleasure of punching people out, but it still makes me want to read on gradually....
What makes it so appealing is that the facial expressions of the characters in this work skillfully express their hearts.

There are moral and immoral parts to human beings... This work makes me think deeply that people are creatures with many facets.

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goblin slayer

created by Rinker.
¥660 (2023/04/12 11:55:45時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: goblin defeat, cruelty, humiliation
Previously published: 12 vols.

The recommended reading is after reading the first volume,Gaikokuji, vol. 1.It would be a good idea to read the
Read it and you will understand why goblinslayers hate goblins.

The protagonist's goal is to eradicate the goblins.
It is a joy to see the protagonist gaining recognition from those around him with each passing volume as he defeats the outlandish and well-prepared goblins.

However, I think that it is a manga that chooses who reads it, and I would like to warn people about that.
The goblins are so out there in their deeds that it is really disgusting to watch that part of the story. (Having children through human women, etc...)

It is not so much about the exhilaration of defeating goblins as it is about sharing the feeling of the protagonist's inner vengeance being fulfilled.
I hope that each time the goblins are defeated, the heart of the hero is saved, even if only a little.

Also,turning a comic, novel, etc. into an animated movieThe contents of the report wereThere seems to be some criticismThe following is a list of the most common problems with the
Considering the content, I feel it can't be helped. That's how out there goblins are....

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Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One

Keywords: goblin slayer origin, brutality
Previously published: 8 vols.

I believe that by reading this external biography, you will understand why the Goblin Slayer hates goblins.
Anyone would hate goblins after an event like that!

Goblin Slayer readers should not miss out on this exoteric story!

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Nosferatu of the Apocalypse

Keywords: amnesia, immortals, friendship
Publication: 4 volumes complete (censored?)

The main character is Laura, a woman who has lost her memory.
Your immediate goal is to learn about yourself.

Laura wakes up in the forest, unsure of the situation, and for the time being, she asks someone she meets to tell her where the church is.
However, as soon as they visit the church, they are attacked by villagers...
A painful reality awaits Laura as she tries to figure out why the villagers attacked her.

As the story progresses, it becomes more interesting as it becomes more like a story with characters who become friends, so I think it is a good idea to read up to volume 2 and decide if you want to continue reading.

There are monsters, but in this manga, people are much more terrifying than monsters.

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Game of Familia -Family War

Keywords: family love, dead army, killing, humiliation
Previously published: 8 vols.

Just before breakfast, all four family members (mother, sister, sister, and protagonist) are summoned to another world.

The summoner is suddenly attacked by enemies at the summoning destination, but is somehow saved by the summoner's power.
The four then enter the city and are briefed on the situation...

In order to gain the power to fight the army of the dead, they need to offer something precious that they have as a price.
Moreover, the consideration a woman offers is basically fixed, and that is moderately hard.

Because of the magnitude of the price, the shi'ei decides to pay the price alone, so that his family does not have to pay it.
I think it is cool that Shiei acts calmly and calmly for the sake of his family!

The composition of the three linear women and the shiei who work in the shadows is probably the appeal of this manga.

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Keywords: apocalypse, travel encounter, comedy, emotional
Previously published: 3 vols.

It is a rare manga in which the setting is quite heavy, but the content is upbeat!
I am presenting it as a dark fantasy, but I think it might be better to separate the genre as an apocalyptic one.

The story takes place in a world where one day a meteorite hit and many things went wrong.
Mitya and Youth, whose bodies were rendered mortal by the meteorite.
It is so sad that the purpose of their journey is "to find a way to die"....

However, because the purpose is sad, the encounters and partings on the journey are so compelling that they are both heartbreakingly sad and warming.

I sincerely hope it will continue for a long time.

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created by Rinker.
¥460 (2023/04/12 11:55:48時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: battle, sad fate, meeting and parting
Published: 26 vols.

Fifteen years have passed since it was first announced, yet its popularity remains unabated.
In a world infested with AKUMA, the main character, Allen, and other exorcists do their best to fight AKUMA in this dark fantasy manga.

The characters are rich in personality, and I think you will always find a character you like.
All of these characters are challenged by sad fates, and as you read on, tears will well up in your eyes and you will not be able to read on without a light hearted heart....
This is a work that should be read with a firm grasp of each and every episode.

D.Gray-man" (Episode 103)
D.Gray-man HALLOW" (13 episodes)
If you liked the original, please check out the anime as well!

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Animated.(As of 06.23.2019, only D.Gray-man is available for unlimited viewing)
dAnime Store

scorched-earth sword

created by Rinker.
¥460 (2023/04/12 11:55:48時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: historical drama, demons vs. humans, brother-sister bond
Previously published: 23 volumes complete

It is a dark fantasy work that is currently riding high.
The manga is based on the Taisho era (1912-1926), but the anime is currently airing, and the moment when the Heisei era changes to the 2025 era has been talked about as being too linked to the lines in the manga. ("The era is changing! the demon exclaimed right after the change to 2025).

The content is a bit grotesque, with many cruel descriptions, so you need to be careful, but the story is even more fascinating than that, and once you start reading it, you just can't stop turning the pages!

What should Sumijiro, an overly kind oni-slayer, do in the face of the antagonistic relationship between demons and humans?
The way they face any severe ordeal head-on with the single-minded desire to protect their loved ones will always be a source of passion for them.

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Animated. (as of 06.23.2019)
dAnime Store
Amazon prime video


Keywords: school, daily life (wind), sudden development
Previously published: 11 vols.

I will always remember the first shock...!
I thought it had more of a daily life taste, but I didn't realize it was this kind of work...

If you haven't seen it yet, please watch the manga or anime.
I strongly recommend that you read/watch it before looking at reviews, etc!
Not much can be said here.
I don't want to deprive them of the opportunity to experience that shock!

Since a live-action movie version was released this year, interest in this work has been growing, making it one of the best manga to read now!

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Animated.(as of 06.23.2019)
dAnime Store
Amazon prime video

two mighty rivals

Keywords: yokai and humans, battle, friendship
Published: 33 vols. (plus one volume of external biographies)

It has been more than 20 years since the series ended.
However, it still ranks high in dark fantasy compilation articles and rankings.
This is, after all, probably because of the content that makes it interesting even in a different era.

As the title suggests, the story is based on two people, "Ushio" and "Tora.
The main character, Ushio, pulls out the spear of the yokai Tora found in his house, and the seal is broken for the first time in 500 years.
Tora is quite strong and is feared by everyone, but Ushio and he are in sync, and the two come to share a strong bond that transcends humans and yokai.

Although the story takes a serious turn toward the latter half, there are many scenes in which the bond between the two can be seen.
It is one of those long works that you should definitely see through to the end!
(It is not well known except,The outside story is also well interesting!)

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Animated.(as of 06.23.2019)
Amazon prime video

Records of Ancient Matters (Japan's oldest historical record)

created by Rinker.
¥574 (2023/04/12 01:48:11時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: juvenile reincarnation, head-to-head, war
Previously published: 14 vols.

The words coming out of such a cute girl are so egregious, and yet somehow they seem this what you call gap moe? (lol)

When you look at the cover of the manga, you may think, "Is this a serious type of manga?" but inside the manga is the best of both worlds, with gags and depth.

A businessman who has lived his life believing only in his work and himself is reborn as a girl in another world as a punishment handed down by God.
He is determined to rise through the ranks without deviating from the elite course, and he uses his upward mobility from a previous life to overcome any adversity with his quick wits!

Both the anime and the movie were very popular, so if you have read the original and are interested in the story, please enjoy that as well!
Aoi Yuuki's Tanya's vigor makes you feel that she jumped out of the original story.

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Animated.(as of 06.23.2019)
dAnime Store
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The Titans of Progress

created by Rinker.
¥462 (2023/04/12 11:55:50時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: giants, battle, mystery of giants
Published: 28 vols.


created by Rinker.
¥462 (2023/04/12 11:55:53時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

created by Rinker.
¥495 (2023/04/12 11:55:53時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

I don't have to tell you, this is a very popular work!
The film carefully depicts the anger and sadness of the weak "humans" who confront the overwhelmingly strong "giants" with their heads and hearts.
It has been animated many times, made into live-action films, and its popularity knows no bounds.

The characters are also unique, and you are sure to find one you like!
This is a work that will satisfy anyone, regardless of whether they focus on the story or the characters.
However, there are scenes in which people are eaten or split open by the Titans, so this part is not recommended for those who do not have a high tolerance for grotesqueries.

There are many works related to "The Progressive Titan" out there.
The main story is quite serious, and there are many moments that are honestly painful.
So sometimes it is one thing to take a break from the anthology and enjoy their peaceful lives!
(In particular, "Progress! Kyojin Junior High School" is peaceful and has interesting links to the main story!)

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Animated.(as of 06.23.2019)
dAnime Store

Fullmetal Alchemist

Keywords: brothers, black magic, alchemical abstinence
Published: 27 vols.

The official tagline is "The Strongest Dark Fantasy.
It is a masterpiece among masterpieces that lives up to its name!

Brothers who have performed human body alchemy, a taboo in alchemy, in order to meet their deceased mother.
In return, the elder brother lost one leg and the younger brother lost his entire body. The elder brother even sacrificed his right arm in order to transfer the soul of the brother who had lost his entire body to his armor.

In order to find a way to restore their own bodies, the brothers decided to become national alchemists and set out on a journey, meeting various people along the way.
Eventually, the two will have to fight the great darkness that lurks in the nation, and so goes the general story.
It has been made into an anime and a live-action movie, and the story is unquestionably interesting. It is hot!

It is complete in 27 volumes, so thankfully it is not that long!

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Animated.(as of 06.23.2019)
dAnime Store
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Neverland of Promises

created by Rinker.
¥460 (2023/04/12 11:55:51時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: demons, brainstorming, family love
Previously published: 14 vols.

It has won many awards and is one of the best productions started in recent years!

Children in an orphanage turn their heads to escape their fate to be captured by adults and ogres.
The reader's hands are sweating, and the excitement never stops.

Emma, who is athletic and keeps everyone together, Norman, who is smart, Ray, who has a plan, and his friends, who do their best to change their destiny at an early age.
Personally, I would be happy if they could look at it while considering not only the mom's actions, but also her true feelings.

It has also been adapted into an anime, and a second season has already been announced, so we hope you will start reading this work now.
Once you start reading, you really can't stop, so I strongly, strongly recommend that you start reading when you have some free time!
(You can also do IQ tests and mini-games on the official website, which are fun!)

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Animated.(as of 06.23.2019)
Amazon prime video

Peach Boy Riverside

Keywords: Momotaro, race discrimination
Previously published: 6 vols.

It is set in a world infested with discrimination and hatred between humans, demons, subhumans, and their various races.
The content is centered on the fight against demons, with many stories involving discrimination and prejudice among the races, and these are also portrayed among the fellowship.

I thought the theme of this manga was summed up in the following line that Sally said in volume 2.
What is race and what is discrimination?"
People hate us because we're subhuman even though we haven't done anything, or they look at us as hostile because we're demons even though we haven't done anything, as if we all deserve it."

The main character is Ellie, a princess of a country.
Ellie sets out on a journey to follow Mikoto, who saved her country from the demons, in order to reunite with him.
On the way, she joins a subhuman and fights the attacking demons, but during the battle, Ellie's eyes change...

There are many unexpected twists and turns, and once you start reading, you probably won't be able to stop reading.

When Sally, who has killed an ogre, says, "My power cannot be used against humans," her fellow ex-ons respond, "You can kill ogres, but you can't even hit your own kind?" The scene in which Sally, who killed an ogre, says, "I can't use my powers on humans," and her fellow former ogres respond, "You can kill ogres, but you can't even hit your own kind?

Every time I read it, I get the sense that I am being asked a deeper question about what I base my decisions on and how I live my life.

Know Your Rating (amazon)

There are still some interesting fantasy and dark fantasy manga out there that I will introduce again!

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