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39 recommended manga about reincarnation into another world with a female protagonist.


I have recently surpassed 2,700 Kindle comic books.

As such a manga junkie, I would like to introduce a manga about a female protagonist who is reincarnated in another world that I found interesting!
We will also introduce some manga that are not reincarnated but are drawn in the grammar of reincarnation mono.

One of the things that bothers me about the "otherworldly reincarnation" works for women is that many of them are censored or lead the reader to the original novel for completion. In the worst cases, there is no indication that the work has been terminated, and it is not even known if the next volume will be published or not. Personally, when purchasing manga of this genre, I think it is better to be aware of whether or not it is likely to be published continuously.

While most otherworldly reincarnation works have male protagonists, there are also some works with female protagonists, although not as many as there should be.
The fact that the main character is a woman makes this genre unique in that the content is diverse, ranging from café management to young daughters.

My overall impression is that many of the works can be enjoyed by both men and women!


Tale of Tearmoon Empire (Past Reincarnation + Life Redo/Comedy)

Keywords: starting over in life, good deeds
Previously published: 5 vols.

The story of a princess who is executed by guillotine and tries to avoid the guillotine in the future by going back to her childhood.

Various stories, such as those that stimulate the tear gland and those that are comedic and cheerful, are drawn in a perfect balance, and the satisfaction after reading is unusually high.

The drawings are very beautiful, and both the drawings and the story are combined at a high level, making this a manga that I would recommend to anyone!

I like the facial expressions and the commentary tidbits.

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Celebration animation!

The Great Sage Reincarnated Hides the fact that she is a Saint (Reincarnation + Hidden Saint Warriors, Comedy(?))

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/11 19:18:34時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: saint, battle
Previously published: 7 vols.

The main character Fia's previous life was that of a great saint, but the way she died in her previous life was quite gruesome: she was betrayed by her brother princes and killed by the demon king's men after being tormented relentlessly.

The demon king's subordinate tells Fear that he will kill her if she is reborn as a saint, which frightens Fear to the core. So, while hiding her saintly powers, Fia performs her duties as a member of the knighthood along with her followers....

It is a good work that is easy to read and enjoyable, as the story progresses in a basic comedic manner with a touch of seriousness!

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The Silver Plan to Start Over from JK (Past Reincarnation + Redo/Inspiring Comedy)

created by Rinker.
¥624 (2023/04/11 19:18:35時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: regret, gratitude, compassion
Previously published: 8 vols.

The main character Sayuri (Sayuri) was killed as a middle-aged homeless person after doing whatever she wanted as an arrogant young lady. This manga is the story of such a protagonist who, along with her regrets, starts her life over with a deep sense of gratitude to those around her.

The story of the protagonist, who has lived a hard life, and his classmates, who are still students, sometimes overlaps with the relationship between parents and their children. It is very natural, and I was moved by the words that the protagonist utters from his heart.

It is one of the most moving works in recent years.

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A Duchess's Taste (Game World Reincarnation + Domain Rule)

created by Rinker.
¥574 (2023/04/11 19:18:36時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: competent female acting lord, dignified air
Previously published: 8 vols.

Iris, the main character, is forced to leave the school after her engagement to the second prince is called off.
She was originally supposed to be a nun, but her father appointed her acting lord of the estate.

In the territory, they will use their knowledge of the original world to create a trading house and sell chocolates, cosmetics, and other products.
It is really interesting to read about how the products sold at the Chamber of Commerce naturally became very popular and the management of the territory became very successful.

Also, the drawings are really beautiful, and it is amazing that you can feel the movement even though it is a manga.
Perhaps it's the way you draw hair so well.
In addition, the friends who appear in the film are all beautiful men and women, which is a real treat for the eyes. This work can be recommended for both men and women alike.

Iris, a dignified, independent woman, really good!

2019.08.03 Postscript.
Volume 6 was a tense story throughout.
It makes me wonder if the focus of the story will shift from fiefdoms to national politics and religion in the future, and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of Iris Warriors we will see if that happens!

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Sengoku Komachi Hardship Tale (Time Slip to the Past + Agricultural Warriors)

Keywords: agrarian reform, Nobunaga's vassals, knowledge warriors
Previously published: 12 vols.

A high school girl attending an agricultural high school travels back in time to the Warring States Period!
In order not to be killed by Nobunaga, he will use his knowledge to push for agricultural reform!

It is nice to see the villagers gradually become more cooperative with Shizuko!

2019.03.23 Postscript.
As the story progresses, he dabbles in areas other than agriculture, and he does a good job of keeping the reader on their toes.
Moreover, Shizuko is so competent that it is fun to read about her!
The end of volume 4 is another good pull.

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Book Lover's Succession - I Can't Choose the Means to Become a Librarian (Isekai Tensei)

Keywords: this production, knowledge muso, super frail, heartwarming, serious
Previously published: Part 1: 7 volumes complete
Part 2, Volume 8
Part 3, Volume 6

The anime has been produced for three seasons and its popularity is evident!

At the current pace of publication, it is likely to take more than 20 years to complete the project, and parts two and three are currently being drawn in parallel.

The protagonist is a former college girl who loves books, who one day is reincarnated as Mine, the 5-year-old daughter of a poor soldier.
It may be correct to say that the protagonist has no memory of his life up to the age of five, and that he entered the body of the five-year-old Mine.
The first step is to learn a lot about the world in which you will be reincarnated.

The first thing that shocks the protagonist is that in his reincarnated world, books are a very precious commodity.
Mine decides to make the book himself, since it is not something that can be easily obtained...

Because Mine is extremely frail, the bookbuilding process is extremely difficult.
However, because of the weakness, I thought that the close communication with the people around me led to the later interest.

In addition, knowledge warriors, an ironclad element in the reincarnation mono genre, is also present in this work.
It's fun to watch them make and admire hair ornaments, paper, and various other useful items!

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[Two seasons of the anime are in production.
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A saint's magical power is all-powerful (Isekai Summoning + Magic Warriors)

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/11 19:18:38時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: magic warriors, reverse harem, relaxed
Previously published: 8 vols.

The main character Sei is summoned to another world with a saint.
Unable to return to his former world, he worked as a researcher at the Institute of Medicinal Plants.
As researchers, we create potions and dishes, but the main trend is that their effects are not normal.

The second volume is mainly about dating and magic granting, with recovery magic coming in at the end of the book.
It's finally starting to look like a saint!
The new characters are all beautiful men and women, and they are a sight for sore eyes!

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I opened a cafe in another world. (Isekai Summoning + Cooking Warriors)

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/12 02:32:47時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: rice warriors, rice maze world, harmony
Previously published: 11 vols.

It is a story about the main character who is summoned to the world of rice mazes and makes the people around him smile by cooking delicious food!

The story revolves around the cuisine, as the food is so delicious that the chefs have to engage in a cooking competition with the court cooks.
Basically, the atmosphere is congenial!

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Yakiya no Hitori Goto (Reasoning Knowledge Warriors, Impressive)

created by Rinker.
¥730 (2023/04/11 19:18:39時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: medicine man, case file, woman's garden, bright
Previously published: 11 vols.

The story of this manga revolves around the unbridled curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and a little bit of justice of Mao Mao, a 17-year-old, accomplished cat cat (Mao Mao). Mao Mao is really very charming and has a lot of guts.
By the way, it is not a reincarnation thing.

It is exhilarating to watch Maomao use his knowledge and deductive skills to solve cases involving poisons and drugs.

And the occasional emotional episodes are sure to make you cry hard. Personally, volume 8 is a god volume. The Amazon review of over 2,500 was also understandable.

Another attraction is that the pictures are very beautiful.

Incidentally, since this is a story about a Chinese back palace, the men in the story are former men.

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Reincarnated as a villainous daughter with nothing but doom flags in an Otome game (Game World Reincarnation + Hitomarashi, Comedy)

Keywords: innocent, cheerful, fun
Previously published: 9 vols.

The main character, Katarina, was reincarnated as a villainess.
It is interesting to read about how they break the death and misfortune flags that keep standing, and instead set up romantic flags all over the place.

The pictures are lovely, but more than that, the main character, Catalina, is cute in many ways!
Perhaps a naive girl is a girl like Catalina!

There is no hassle with agricultural stories!

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There is an if story manga out there. It is also interesting!

Observations of a self-proclaimed villainous fiancée. (Game reincarnation, comedy)

Keywords: game reincarnation, heartwarming comedy, prince's point of view
Previously published: 6 volumes complete

A comedy about a villainous young lady who loves an unlikable silly character from the prince's point of view.

Although it is a villainess story, it is a bit unusual in that the silly Bhatia struggles to become a villainess.
Moreover, everything he does backfires and he is not a villain at all, but on the contrary, he is loved by everyone.
That's what makes it so cute and somehow cathartic!


Rating. (Amazon)

Trail of the Evil Queen (Otherworldly Reincarnation + Soul Swap)

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/11 19:18:40時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: conflict, reverse harem, protected, serious sometimes sweet
Previously published: 2 volumes complete

Mari is suddenly reborn as a queen of ill repute.
With the help of the men around her, we want to cheer her on as she atones for her past queenly deeds!

The scene where the former queen's feelings were discussed made me feel sad.

It's really a shame that it ends after two volumes because it's so interesting.

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The Dytes Domain Offensive and Defense (Isekai Tensei + Fudan, BL, Comedy)

Keywords: comedy, rotten, lighthearted
Previously published: 6 volumes complete

The main character, Millie, who was reincarnated into another world, suddenly decided to get married at the age of 18 and started her life with her son-in-law, the crown prince.
She was revealed to be a rotten girl early on, and her words and actions have been too funny since she opened up!

Even the painter came out and his enthusiasm for spreading BL culture to other worlds is extraordinary!

However, I am very disappointed,original author (of a work)The point is that I do not know if I will be able to complete the manga, since the "Mere Old Man" has passed away in an accident. I can't help but hope that it will continue, as it is a very interesting work.

Update: Aug. 29, 2021
You have completed the book in six volumes!

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300 years after defeating slime, I reached max level before I knew it.

Keywords: girl family, immortal witch, slow life
Previously published: 12 vols.

The main character is a 17-year-old girl reincarnated as an immortal witch.
As the title of the manga suggests, the manga starts when the level is maxed out after defeating only slimes for 300 years.

Roughly, the manga goes like this: "After fighting with the girls, those girls take up residence in the witch's house! (You may not understand what I am talking about...)

Anyway, I think of it as a manga that enjoys a friendly atmosphere!

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Apparently, my body is completely invincible. (Another World Life Transfiguration + Completely Invincible, Comedy)

created by Rinker.
¥614 (2023/04/12 02:32:50時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: ability warriors, not peaceful, cheerful
Previously published: 9 vols.

Anyway, the main character Mary is cute!

She is reborn as the daughter of a duke and attends the school while deepening her friendship with friends and princes, which is the general flow of the first volume.
Not only the daily life, but also the battle scenes, such as the cool magic against monsters, were drawn out more coolly than expected!
The author, Sabaneko Sensei, is awesome!

Mary has also spent her entire previous life in bed, and simply moving her body is a joy.
This joyful scene is an aha moment and reminds us of our thoughts about the real world.
It makes me happy to see Mary happy!

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This time I will be happy! (Reincarnation)

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/12 02:32:51時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: heartbreak, conflict, brightening
Previously published: 4 volumes complete

The background of the main character is a bit more complicated.
The main character, Louisa, is a girl who has memories of three past lives.
All three times he was with another woman after his girlfriend left to become a hero.
In his fourth life, he decides that he will no longer wait for a brave man and will be happy on his own.

Louisa decides that her lover in this life has also become a brave man, and she assumes that he will never come back.
However, there is no way I can give up so easily, and I have many conflicts.
In an attempt to shake them off, she dates other men....

The emotions of the main character were so carefully portrayed that it was painful to read.

Also, there is a scene where the former heroes and the mysterious man seem to have appeared in a dream on the night of their date and complained about something, and it is good to see this kind of development where there seems to be some truth to the story!

At the end, I honestly thought the manga was going to end with one volume, but I'm glad there was a continuation!
I still want to read this manga with Mr. Tounosuke Fujimaru's beautiful drawings!

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Surviving Alchemists Want to Live Quietly in the City (200 Years Later + Alchemy)

created by Rinker.
¥614 (2023/04/11 19:18:43時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: handsome slave, alchemy muso
Previously published: 2 vols.

The kingdom where the main character Mariela lives is attacked by a forest of demons.
The forest of demons reacts to human magic, so Mariela uses a magic circle of temporary death in the basement to escape, but when she wakes up, 200 years have passed, and so it begins.

Mariella buys one man slave, Zeke, to make allies who will not betray her.
The first volume of the book describes how he interacts with this Zeke.
The characters are well-developed in the stories of Mariella and her mentor, Zeke's past, etc., and the characters become more and more fascinating as you read!

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The (temporary) bride's tragic circumstances - If you get divorced, you get rich! ~The

Keywords: masked couple, gap moe, bright
Previously published: 2 volumes complete

Ferdia is married to an enemy prince as the princess's shadow warrior.

She was supposed to be married at the request of the prince of an enemy country, but for some reason, she seems to be disliked by her husband, Crow, from the very beginning.
Furthermore, the maidens hated him, and he was not served any meals. Naturally, as the story progresses, the question will be answered!

There are no lovemaking scenes at all, but I think this is a manga where you can moe the gap between the prince and the girl.

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It's a real shame that the manga ends at volume 2.
I wanted to see more of the original story in manga form since it is a 13-volume long story.

Can someone please explain this situation? ~Wedding starting with a contract~!

Keywords: contract marriage, cheerful, comedy
Previously published: 6 vols.

Viola accepts the Duke of Phisalis' offer of a sham marriage in exchange for taking our debt on her shoulders.
By the way, it is not a reincarnation thing.

The Duke has a true love girlfriend who is opposed to the marriage.
His reason for wanting to marry under false pretenses is that "people around me told me to get myself together.
Frankly, this reason seems a bit forced, even for a comic book. w

Perhaps the most unique feature of this manga is that the main character has not the slightest romantic interest in her husband.
I couldn't help but laugh at the scene in volume 2 where she cuts off her husband.
Viola seems to be very happy, enjoying her days with her servants.
It's a fun read!

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Time Slip Otagirl (Past Time Slip Comedy)

created by Rinker.
¥535 (2023/04/11 19:18:45時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: redoing the past, gag comedy, lighthearted
Previously published: 8 volumes complete

The main character, Hatoko, is a rotten girl who has been transported back in time to her junior high school days by an accident she met on her way home from Comiket.

I think the main elements of laughter are my cousin's powerful rotten fantasies and the stories from around 1996.
Anyway, there are a lot of characters, and the amount of passion the author (probably a rotten girl) puts into this manga is unbelievable.
It is obvious that the artist enjoys painting!

Otherwise, it's fun to read about relationships getting better and better with adult communicators.
If you get into it, you will be deeply emotionally involved!

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Other purchased works

From this point forward, I will list some of the works that have already been purchased that may be of interest to those reading here.

I am called "Black Healer" in another world (Isekai Summoning + Healing Magic)

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/11 19:18:46時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: involved, reverse harem, return, serious
Previously published: 7 volumes complete

Suddenly, Lin is summoned to another world.
While using healing magic, which is rare in other worlds, to heal the wounds of soldiers and the illnesses of demons, he searches for clues that will lead him back to Japan.

The pictures are cute, but there are quite a few egregious scenes in battles, etc.
The story is interesting and you should read it!

Update: Aug. 29, 2021
I finished it, but I wanted the last part of the story to be drawn a little slower.

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A White Cat Sworn to Revenge Coasting on the Dragon King's Lap (Isekai Summoning + Spirit Exchange)

Keywords: magic warriors, interaction with spirits, love with the king?
Previously published: 4 vols.

I thought the picture design was a bit shoujo manga-like, which matched the atmosphere of this work very well. It is soothing!

The main character Ruri is summoned to another world by her childhood friend along with Asahi.
For some reason, Ruri is banished from the castle, and she is sent to live with an elderly woman who teaches her magic.

In the first volume, the main focus is on interaction with old women and spirits.
Since the second volume, you have been making moves such as escaping the castle in the form of a cat and learning of the devastation in the country.
The main character has a constitution that makes him very much favored by spirits, and this constitution gives the story an interesting little twist!

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A corner is fine. Don't mind me. (Game world summoned)

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/12 02:32:53時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: interaction with a male/apprentice playboy, male attire, somewhat sad
Previously published: 3 volumes complete

Entering the world of an Otome game set in a male brothel(?). The main character loses his memory and his body becomes that of a five-year-old child.

The protagonist, who was at a loss, was given a helping hand by his father, who runs a male brothel.
In order to live in the brothel, the main character works as an apprentice prostitute for a boy named Nogiku.

All of the yūmen are good-looking men with lots of sex appeal, and there are many scenes in which they adore Nogiku.
I think all of the older brothers are receptive and sexy, and I think they are quite attractive!

Time passes quickly, with seven years having passed in the work by the end of the second volume, so the wild chrysanthemums grow up quickly.
Frankly, I wish they would take more time to tell the story. I think it is such a well written subject and story.

The parting and reunion scenes were urging.
I can't wait to read volume 3!

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2019.01.14 Postscript
What a sudden end with 3 volumes....
I liked this work very much because it depicted the subtleties of the heart.

It is only a pity, because the original work is highly rated.

Why the Potions Master loves his second apprentice - I've been appointed as his exclusive dining attendant...

Keywords: cooking warriors, reverse harem, bright
Already published: vol. 2 (next update undecided)

Setting of the protagonist
The main character, Liliana, is a good cook and a magician (demon possession).
He lives his life hiding the fact that he is possessed by a demon. (It is said that demon possessed people are investigated until they are skin and bones in the laboratory.)

This work is not a reincarnation story, but the main character is not reincarnated, but the content is a reincarnation story itself, so we introduce it here.

One day, Bryl, a nobleman, sees her using magic in the restaurant where she works.
Instead of reporting to the government, he was forced to work as the exclusive cook for the Institute of Magical Medicine. (How much do you want to eat?)

In addition to the story of cooking and eating, the first volume is about discrimination based on status.
Mr. Brail hardly reacts to the delicious food, so there are many scenes where Liliana is anxious on her own.
But still, I'm too jumpy w "Hiiiii! or something like that.

I am looking forward to seeing how the beautiful boy at the end will be involved!

Know Your Rating (amazon)

100 Ways Not to Fail in Another World (Isekai Summoning)

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/12 02:32:55時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: paleographer, mistaken for a man, interaction with villagers, seriousness abounds
Previously published: 5 volumes complete

While job hunting, Chie Souma is suddenly summoned to another world.
In order to survive in another world, he decides to live as Soma, a male scholar.
However, I was a little worried because the cheat abilities that come with reincarnation stories are not always present, so I was a little worried.

The abilities that have finally emerged are scholarly, and I look forward to seeing how they will be put to use in the future.

It is unfortunate that the second half of the book continues on to the next volume with the appearance of a handsome swordsman and a younger archer, but that is why we are looking forward to the next volume!
Like a scholar, I'd prefer it not to be too bloody!

Know Your Rating (amazon)

The Otherworldly Wanderings of Two Saints (Isekai Summoning)

Keywords: working woman, ability to purify miasma, reverse harem, serious, positive
Previously published: 4 volumes complete

Two women are summoned to another world after drinking at a tavern, and they throw up on the spot, which was hilarious.
I know it sounds like a comedy when I write this, but it is quite serious.

Since both of them purify the miasma just by being saints, they don't seem to be consciously accomplishing anything at the moment.
I wonder if the main story will be about going around to different places and drinking, eating, and interacting with the locals.

I'm looking forward to the next volume, which will be a full-fledged purification warriors' story!

However, selling jewelry that can be used as a forehead to earn a living is a very unusual cheat ability.

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The Mage Desires Ordinary (Another World Reincarnation + Demonic Heroine)

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/11 19:18:50時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: demonic heroine, tumultuous, slightly insidious
Previously published: 3 volumes complete

It's not mediocre at all, so make no mistake about what to expect.
Also, people die quite a bit, so be careful about that!

The protagonist himself was very cheerful and accepting of his situation, which I strongly felt showed the strength of his determination to live in a different world.

Even though it is a request, the main character seems to be taking the high road of destroying the rear palace, which is unusual for a manga with a female protagonist.

Know Your Rating (amazon)

I'm the ultimate comic book nerd girl, and I've come to the world of shadow games, but my guesses are too precious for me.

Previously published: 6 volumes complete

A spider, what is it?

created by Rinker.
¥574 (2023/04/11 19:18:51時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Previously published: 12 vols.

We survive by relying on potions!

created by Rinker.
¥660 (2023/04/11 19:18:52時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Previously published: 9 vols.

Gyaru Reincarnation

Previously published: 2 volumes complete

Wizard's fiancée

created by Rinker.
¥594 (2023/04/12 02:32:57時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Previously published: 4 volumes complete

I'm not liking it.

Previously published: 1 volume complete

Ikemen Sengoku - Are you ready to become a woman of the world?

Previously published; 4 volumes complete

Sengoku Night Blood (military text by Sengoku Nightsblood)

Previously published: 3 volumes complete

Hershelik: The Heroic Tale of a Reincarnated Prince (Isekai Tensei + TS)

Keywords: auditing skills, king relief, heartwarming, serious
Previously published: 2 volumes (censored)

Ryoko died in a car accident.
She was reincarnated as a beautiful prince of a certain country.

When I started reading the book, I thought it would be mainly about skinship with his handsome Majesty and his brothers, but that expectation was way off.
It is an unexpectedly serious development from the beginning.

Volume 1 focuses on the relationship between the royal family and the ministers and the gathering of evidence of corruption.
The extra chapter at the end of the book was very moving!

Know Your Rating (amazon)

Appointed as caretaker of baby dragon

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/11 19:18:56時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Previously published: 2 volumes (censored?)

The situation of the general commandant and myself

created by Rinker.
¥711 (2023/04/12 02:32:59時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Previously published: 1 volume (censored?)

Reincarnation does not want to be a cheat.

Keywords: hiding abilities, interacting with childhood friends and spirits, heartwarming
Previously published: 1 volume (censored?)

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