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21 Suspense Manga Recommendations


Recently, I have over 2,700 comic books in e-book format.

Kenichi, such a manga lover, would like to recommend some suspense manga.
The feeling of turning the next page while not being able to read the unfolding story and being on the edge of your seat gives you a feeling that is missing in reality.

The tingling tension is unbearable!


Is My Reality a Love Game? 〜I thought it was a game of life and death... (Crime Suspense + Redo)

Keywords: attack dangerous women, save & load
Previously published: 12 vols.

If you want to feel a thrill, I can recommend this work quite highly!

The main character is a 25-year-old NEET who lives alone.
One day, you suddenly wake up in a game world that is a mirror image of the real world.

In the manga, the player must attack a woman by making use of "save," "load," and "special items" that have suddenly become available, and by choosing the "right" option.
The condition is that the real-world protagonist will die if the project is not completely cleared within one year.

Because of the purpose of the project, the target audience is probably more likely to be men.

In this manga, the targets of the attack are all murderers and other dangerous people....
Therefore, even though it is called a strategy, there is always a sense of tension because of the danger to life.
In fact, I almost die many times....

The story is full of surprises, and even I, who have read quite a few manga, cannot read what is going to happen next at all.
So I think you will feel an unusual amount of tension while reading it!

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The Town Where Only I Am (Suspense + Time Slip)

created by Rinker.
¥554 (2023/04/12 09:43:42時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: time slip, false accusation
Previously published: 9 volumes complete

Satoru, an unsuccessful manga artist, possesses the special power of "revival," the ability to rewind time.
The revival is characterized by,

... triggered on its own.
The timing of activation is when something bad is about to happen in the vicinity.
It's a never-ending loop until you take action to prevent something bad from happening.

This is a rather troublesome ability.
There is no battle of abilities since everyone is a normal human being except for Satoru.

The general framework of the story is that a murder in the present day leads to the uncovering of the truth about a certain incident in the past, and from volume 2 onward, the story is mostly about the past.
The timing of the revival is perfect and will definitely keep you glued to the story!

Because of its interesting story, the work has been made into an anime and a movie.

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Summertime Renda (Suspense + Return to Death)

created by Rinker.
¥627 (2023/04/12 09:43:42時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: return to death, mystery solving, murder, with fantasy elements
Previously published: 13 volumes complete


Shinpei returns to his home island after hearing the news that his childhood friend Ushio has died.
On the night of the funeral, Shinpei overheard that the cause of Ushio's death may actually have been another murder.
Further information is the existence of a "shadow" that Ushio's sister, Mio, saw, and that it is said that those who see the "shadow" will die.
Mystery after mystery, this manga is full of thrills and suspense, and it's no wonder it is so highly rated!

Since this work is designed to return to death, the general flow is to obtain new information while avoiding death events.
How to avoid the death events of being shot or cut with a knife, and what the newly acquired information means, will give you a sense of extreme thrill and suspense.

The human characters are also carefully depicted, which is one of the reasons for the high evaluation of the film, as well as the high level of empathy for the characters.
Everyone is attractive!

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Incompetent Nana (Intellectual Suspense)

created by Rinker.
¥628 (2023/04/12 14:41:33時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: intelligence, betrayal, ability, truth
Previously published: 8 vols.

Children with abilities, including the protagonist, were gathered in a school on the island.
To defeat "the enemy of mankind."

I think you will find the manga interesting enough to try it out.
The claim of "intellectual suspense" is not true!

You will be shocked again and again by the unexpected developments from the first volume, with misleading and so on from the beginning.
The more I read, the more I think about what is right and what is wrong.
It is a work that gives a particularly extraordinary feeling that can only be experienced in a comic book.

As you read through this manga, you will be forced to think about the "justice" within you.

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Golden Gold (Suspense + Horror)

created by Rinker.
¥682 (2023/04/12 09:42:44時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: bizarre phenomena, urban legendary story, strange
Previously published: 8 vols.

It has been nominated for the Manga Grand Prize three years in a row, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and it has a magical appeal to the viewer.

The story is about a deserted island village that is transformed into a strange state of affairs by a strange doll called "Fukunokami" that the main character picks up.
Since the protagonist brought the doll home, the economy of the entire village, including his own home, has been improving and changing in a funny way, including his family.
The protagonist feels uncomfortable in such a situation...
The expression on Fucunokami's face, which makes the reader think, "There's definitely something behind this...," stirs the reader's anxiety, doesn't it?

It is not a splatter manga, but a suspenseful horror manga that gives you a strange and uncomfortable feeling, as if you are being strangled by a cotton ball.
The depiction is okay even for those who don't like grotesque things, but it is a suspenseful horror manga that is scarier than grotesque.

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Pippi the Prophet (Suspense + Science Fiction)

Keywords: technological progress, AI, old works
Previously published: 2 vols.

This work has a different picture and content from the others.
The reason for this is that this work began serialization in 1999.
Since the first volume was released in 2007 and the second in 2011, a mysterious span of time, many people are still interested in this work even today. It's so good that it's no wonder the Amazon reviews are a storm of praise.

Crammed with knowledge from all over the world, Pippi begins to see through everything.
The future is no exception.
What will he prophesy when Pippi goes to sleep and wakes up again when there is no more that he does not know....

It's really hard to believe that a work with a prophet like Pippi as the main character was written 20 years ago.
'Perhaps volume three will be released sometime in the future...?' Why don't you join us and hope for the best?

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Ajin (Suspense Action)

created by Rinker.
¥748 (2023/04/12 09:43:44時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: subhuman, immortal, special ability
Previously published: 17 vols.

The main character, Kei, has lived his life as an exceptionally smart person, but an incident leads him to discover that he is an immortal subhuman.

From the point of view of ordinary people, subhumans are eerie and "beings with many unknowns.
Therefore, when Kei discovers that he is a subhuman, his days are far from peaceful.
It is easy to imagine how difficult it is to escape with the government as your enemy, and the thrill of escape is quite thrilling.
There are also quite a few action elements, such as battles between subhumans, so it is slow and steady and does not get boring.

It was a popular work that was also made into an anime, and both the voice actors and production were unbelievably committed to it.
If you liked the manga, you will probably enjoy the anime as well!

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Slave Games (Suspense + Death Game)

created by Rinker.
¥537 (2023/04/12 14:41:34時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: grotesque, underworld, childhood friend
Previously published: 11 vols.

The story begins when the protagonist activates a mysterious app that connects him to the underworld where slaves are allowed to be held.

Despite an environment that would normally make you want to run away, you find out that your childhood friend is being traded as a slave, and you become involved in all kinds of dangerous situations in an attempt to help him somehow.

As for the content, the fact that it starts with an application and the fact that it is driven by the desire to save a childhood friend is a common setup, but it is just so gruesome that it continues to attract a core fan base.
It is a work that will clearly divide people into liking and disliking, but if you are not a fan of grotesqueries, you will definitely enjoy this work so much that you cannot wait for the next volume to come out because the characters are so unique and you cannot read the development of the story.

It is a highly stimulating work with some adult descriptions.

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Alice in the Land of Imagine (Suspense + Survival)

created by Rinker.
¥528 (2023/04/12 09:43:45時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: game, classmates, different world
Previously published: 18 volumes complete

Suddenly one day, three people including the main character go to another world and participate in a "game".

It is a world that is both the same and different from the real world, the land of the now.
What is the mystery hidden in that world? If you read the book with your mind working and thinking about how you are going to clear the "gem", you will enjoy it twice as much!

They understand the importance of human connections and friends, and their movements are hard to take their eyes off of.
Personally, I think the calves are very cool and I hope you will pay attention to them.
Each of the three has its own good qualities, and as you read the book, you will be drawn to them.

In 2020, it will be dramatized by Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, so it is one to keep an eye on now.

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DINER Diner (Suspense + Splatter)

created by Rinker.
¥537 (2023/04/12 09:43:46時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: film adaptation, assassin, grotesque caution
Previously published: 14 vols.

No common sense or decency required. Welcome to the best of the worst, the extraordinary."
This work opens with a shocking sentence.

I am not a fan of the first episode, but it gets interesting from the second half of the first episode.
However, it is a work that chooses the reader quite a bit, and I think there are many people who will leave after the first half of the first story.
You may need to be prepared, for example, to recognize that this is such a work.

The content is so interesting that it has been made into a movie, and should be read by those with sufficient tolerance for grotesqueness!
Bombero is a man of mystery, cold and more terrifying than a demon, but there is a part of him that fascinates both men and women alike.
We invite everyone who is not an assassin or a maid in danger to open the pages of the manga and take a little peek into his store instead of going to his store.

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Prison Lab (Suspense + Confinement Game)

created by Rinker.
¥620 (2023/04/12 09:43:47時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: game, revenge, grotesque
Previously published: 10 volumes complete

The "confinement game" that can also be used for confinement, which is actually a crime.

What happens when the protagonist, who has been bullied before, can lock up anyone for a month?
If your name is not revealed to your captors, you will also get a lot of money.

If there is a way to get revenge, if there are many benefits to you, it is likely that many people would bite the bullet in reality.
Many characters are also in the game in this cartoon, and some pretty brutal acts are committed.
However, it is difficult to do so "without having one's name revealed," and therein lies a great thrill.

I can't help but feel the talent of the author in turning what would normally be a crime into such an interesting comic....

Of course, in the real world, no matter how painful the situation, one should never become a criminal, but perhaps that reality is what makes these revenge manga so interesting.

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Boku ha Mari no Naka (Suspense + Switching)

created by Rinker.
¥620 (2023/04/12 01:48:02時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: stalker, high school girl, darkness of the past
Previously published: 9 volumes complete

It is a manga in which the main character Isao Komori, a college student, gets inside Mari, a beautiful high school girl he sees at a convenience store.
One day I found myself inside Mari, whom I had always been attracted to....
It is a dream situation, but when you know the background, you can't say otherwise.

How did he get inside Mari? The sense of unraveling one by one and gradually coming closer to the truth is quite thrilling.

The story also describes the insidious interactions of female society and phenomena peculiar to the female body, which seemed very realistic to me when I read it.

You should never miss the shock that comes at the end!

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This Man Death to Anyone Who Sees His Face (Psycho Suspense)

Keywords: incident, This Man, hand-wringing development
Previously published: 5 vols.

Do you know about This Man?
This Man is a man who may or may not be real, and it is a story that actually exists, not just in a comic book.

A patient seeing a psychiatrist said, "A man I've never met before started appearing in my dreams," and wrote the face of a creepy man.
But other patients who came in a few days later told similar stories and wrote similar faces.
There have been so many such stories around the world that the man has been named This Man.

In this comic, a man who looks like This Man comes out and kills anyone who sees his face.
The face of This Man is eerie and terrifying to look at, and it is more interesting to read with that emotion in this work.

If you can look up This Man on the Internet and feel even the slightest bit of fear in his face, you are well-equipped to enjoy this work!
However, please search the internet and look at his face at your own risk, as it may be traumatic.
It's a pretty scary face and expression.

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Kuniuchiuchi Bu (Suspense + Survival)

created by Rinker.
¥660 (2023/04/12 09:43:48時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: fight against the government, everyone is an enemy, divide the village
Previously published: 6 vols.

Those who are selected as targets for the government-issued "kuni-hachibu" (national eight divisions) will continue to be ignored no matter what.
The protagonist is selected as a subject of the "Kuni Hachibu" and ponders how to live under the unreasonable government surveillance.

Kuni Hachibu" is the national version of "Murahachibu.
In kunihachibu, the subject does not have to have done anything particularly wrong to be ignored by the entire country.

Who can carry out such a policy until the end of time....
However, some people seem to think that the more they read this comic, the more they will be ignored.

What do you think of her being chosen by a sad fate?

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Human Card (Suspense + Trading)

Keywords: human trafficking, underworld, a turn from the ordinary
Previously published: 5 vols.

There are many who disagree about exchanging flesh and blood.
Many comic books are about human trafficking, but this one exchanges cards that contain human beings, not flesh and blood.

The illustrations are wonderful, and the situations and emotions are so carefully depicted that I was naturally drawn in by what I saw.
There are some grotesque expressions, but they are better than other works, so this may be the best work before getting used to suspense manga.

The dangerous world of underworld exchanges, such as confinement and trading, may be closer to your ordinary daily life than you think.

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Satsu Recruit (Suspense + Job Hunting Battle)

created by Rinker.
¥693 (2023/04/12 14:41:35時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: job search, deal with the devil, ability confrontation
Previously published: 7 volumes complete

It is the story of a protagonist whose life that seemed to be going so well quickly takes a turn for the worse, and he makes a deal with the devil to obtain his abilities and try to find a job.

There is more than one person who has made a deal with the devil, not just the protagonist.
Moreover, the abilities and levels of ability they are gaining vary.
It's about using those abilities to somehow strive for a successful job search, but it doesn't sound scary at all.
And what a thrill it is, it is also a solid thrill!

For example, the protagonist has the ability to erase the previous statement, whether it is his own or someone else's.
It is up to the hero to always consider when to use it, what words to turn off, who to use it on, and how much he can change the situation at any given moment.

They perform to the best of their ability, using their brains and abilities to the best of their ability, and it is hard to believe that they are doing a job test.

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Slave Ward: Me and 23 Slaves (Suspense + Gang-geography)

created by Rinker.
¥654 (2023/04/12 09:43:50時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: keitai novel, slavery, command and obedience
Previously published: 10 volumes complete

It is a manga based on a cell phone novel.
The story takes place in a world where the machine "SCM" allows people to treat others as slaves.

In this work, you can easily subjugate someone with a machine.
However, the reader is sure to feel a sense of urgency, as the risk is quite high for those who use it.

Making slaves like a game, or becoming slaves....
The situation is impossible, but the reader is drawn in by the realistic depiction.

Overall, it is involved in the underbelly of society, and I strongly recommend it to those who enjoy such content.

It has also been animated and live-action, so if you like the manga, you may want to see that as well.
The live-action film is recommended because it has many beautiful actors and is somewhat less grotesque.

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Running Lantern Corporation (omnibus + multi-genre)

created by Rinker.
¥654 (2023/04/12 14:41:36時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: runner-up, multi-genre, almost complete before and after
Previously published: 10 volumes complete

When you think of running lights, you probably have a strong perception of what goes through your mind just before you die.
In this cartoon, you can look back on a DVD from the time of your birth to now, when you suddenly found yourself in this company.

Each episode is almost completely self-contained, with the main character changing each time, and the content is diverse, including horror, suspense, and human drama, so you can read each episode with a fresh perspective.

To see one's past as a visual image is to re-experience both the painful and the pleasant.
It gives you a sense of just how much of one person's life is subject to events.

See ratings (amazon)

Impossible Crime (Suspense + Mind Control)

created by Rinker.
¥587 (2023/04/12 09:43:51時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: perfect crime, judgment from non-police, mind control
Previously published: 10 vols.

The protagonist who carries out the perfect crime through mind control.
They let stupid people commit suicide without leaving any evidence.

The protagonist has a cold personality, but he can't seem to give up on people, and he has a strange charm about him.
Each story is heavily developed, so it may be difficult to read them all at once.

If you liked the manga, we recommend the live action next.
Please also see the best masterpiece that combines the fun of the original story with the acting ability of Momori Matsuzaka.
There are some differences between the manga and the live action, so it is good to enjoy both as different things.

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Assassination Classroom (Suspense + School)

created by Rinker.
¥460 (2023/04/12 09:43:52時点 Amazon調べ-Details)

Keywords: school life, jump manga, main character growth
Previously published: 21 volumes complete

A superb masterpiece that has been turned into an anime, a video game, and a live-action movie!
As the title suggests, the classroom where the assassination takes place is the setting for this work.
While it is a suspense manga, it also has gag elements and a small amount of romance.

The students who gather in Class E, where "Kakusei," who may destroy the earth, is in charge, are all either unable to study or cause problems.
This class was an assassination class where the key assignment was to assassinate the assassin.
The scene where the student tries to assassinate the teacher is quite shocking.

What is the purpose of killing? Why does he teach in this classroom? If you read the book while thinking about the emotions of the various characters, your enjoyment will be doubled!

The story will leave you bewildered if you don't read it to the end, as you try to unravel the secrets of the elusive Kakusei. Be careful when you get your hands on this manga!

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Real Accounts (Suspense + Death Game)

Keywords: gross caution, followers, past secrets
Published: 23 vols.

A handsome man with a baby face and blood on his face graces the cover.
Despite the cute pictures, the content is very grotesque....
It is also gutted and blood is blown all over the place.

It sends people who have been using an application to another world and forces them to participate in a game in which they die with 0 followers, and if the person they are following dies, their followers die as well.
Reading this piece makes me wonder if I have a good relationship....

The story is honestly super interesting.
However, if you don't like grotesque expressions, you almost certainly won't be able to read it.

By the way, I gave up this work once because I was not a fan of grotesqueries.
Still, I started reading again because I was curious to see how the story would continue.
I had to read it again from the first after several years, but it was interesting even the second time!

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